Let's talk about... new beginnings

It's been a while... since I last wrote a blog post. A couple of weeks ago, I was facing the third and biggest attack against my wordpress blog (and some of the pages, I'm hosting). This was the moment when I realized a few things.

Is Wordpress worth the risk?

Don't get me wrong. Wordpress is a nice piece of software. If you are a blogger and do not care about tech/security or if you have somebody who's taking care of this for you, then you most certainly don't see the issues. Wordpress basically has the same problems as Windows has. It is the most commonly used plattform (when it comes to blogging). This makes it of course very interesting for all kind's of script kiddies and "real" blackhats. If you just use the standard installation, it ships with some pretty serious security issues. (Just do some googling).

I was just tired of handling all kind's of different attacks, therefor I decided to go static.

Static.. But that is so 90's

As a software engineer, I was trying different approches. Gatsby, Hugo {...more}. But I felt like all of them were very hard to configure, especially, if you actually just want a static page with a few blog posts.

I tried out which looked really promissing. Having a React App, that compiles to a static app would be awesome. I would have all the benefits, plus SEO and the speed of static....
But of course this was an "ideal world scenario". Reality kicked in hard. The compiled source was not only producing errors every now and then, it also reveals static paths. Links would be parsed like /User/chriz/dev/...

After some more tries I ask myself the question, how often do you really write blog posts. As of now I sadly have to say: Not too often. Therefor at the moment, this page consists of a purely static basis, old-school html with a little bit of sugar on top. Love it :)